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How George Osbourne is making the North South divide wider

Yesterday George Osbourne announced that his long promised Business Rates Reform would become an abdication of responsibility passing the buck onto local Government. The delay in the implementation of the revaluation of properties from 2015 to 2017, announced early in...

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The Great Business Rates Robbery

Tax shaming has become the focus of street protests everywhere in recent years. Google, Amazon and Starbucks are just some of the companies that stand accused of tax avoidance. But while there's growing public anger over the financial affairs of multinationals,...

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The Tories don’t have a clue about retail realities

  Five words. That’s all it took to show just how out of touch this Government had become from the realities facing retailers on the ground. At a time when thousands of shops stood empty around the country and consumer confidence was on the floor, David Cameron’s...

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We’ve let Tesco get too big and now we can’t let it fail

Imagine a world without Tesco. Difficult isn’t it? So ubiquitous is Britain’s biggest retailer that no high street seems right without it. But then didn’t we used to say the same about Woolworths? We shouldn’t underestimate the crisis Tesco currently finds itself...

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10 things the Government can do to help the high street

As the new high streets minister, Penny Mordaunt, plans to embark on a national town centre tour, as Labour’s high street advisor here are 10 suggestions on where she should take immediate action to stop the rot, rebuild confidence and help lead a genuine high street...

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Bill Grimsey Sold Out“Sold Out will make uncomfortable reading, but if you are at all serious about making your High Street a better place, the solution starts here.”

“Bill Grimsey offers a practical and realistic vision for the future of the High Street, which can cater for the needs we really have today.”

“If retailing needs a “Big Bang” moment, then this is a hand grenade of a book”  – Joe Cushnan

If you are at all serious about making your High Street a better place, the solution starts here.

In recent years, campaigns have been galvanised to ‘save the High Street’. It seems everyone has a view about how we can revamp our down-at-heel towns and cities. But are they all missing the point?

Veteran retailer Bill Grimsey argues that it is already too late. The High Street as we have grown to know it, is good as dead already. So what happens next?